Insurance in Case of a Kratom Overdose

Are You Covered by Life Insurance in Case of a Kratom Overdose?

One of the best financial decisions you could ever make is investing in life insurance as it secures your family’s future in case of any untoward event that happens to you. As explained by payspi it’s not simply for those who can afford or have an existing illness. We can never tell when our time comes because accidents do happen unexpectedly. Therefore, securing life insurance helps you batten down the hatches.

Does Life Insurance Cover Drug Overdose?

Rarely, but it does. There are certain cases of a drug overdose in which the bereaved family were able to claim their benefit. Factors are considered before they will decide if the policyholder is deemed of his insurance rights. One of them is the type of drug which the insured abusively took. For example, if the drug being taken is Methamphetamine, which is one of the most known recreational drugs, then the insurance provider probably might deny the claim.

However, if the policyholder was taking kratom to treat his anxiety or depression, then maybe the company will consider giving the claim. The second thing the insurance company would like to clarify is that if the overdose was intentional or an accident. If the overdose was intentional, then it’s likely that the insurance provider would contest that the insured is aware of the fatal effects of drug abuse. Lastly, if the policyholder discloses his risky behavior with the insurance company from the very beginning.

Before, insurance companies were very strict regarding risky behaviors such as sky diving, scuba diving, mountain climbing, drag racing, and the likes. However, as of the moment, they are trying to become lenient with that rule as long as the insured individual was being honest with his dangerous hobbies or behavior before receiving coverage.

If the policyholder was not being completely honest from the beginning, the insurance company deserves the right to void the insurance policy, or worst case scenario, sue the policyholder for fraud which is punishable by jail time and fines for damages.

When Can the Insurance Provider Veto the Claim?

Usually, if the overdose was intentional, the insurance company will refuse to pay the death claim. When the bereaved family files the insurance of the policyholder, the incontestability period takes place. This is when the company can altercate the claim, especially if the insured wasn’t able to confess his risky behavior at the beginning. Normally, this will take a considerable amount of time.

Does it Matter if the Drug was Medically Ordered or Illegally Acquired?

It depends on the company, but normally, the nature of the abuse is what’s more important, whether it’s intentional or accidental. Drugs such as heroin, meth, or cocaine are considered recreational drugs, and the company can attest that the insured is knowledgeable of their untoward effects. Meanwhile, death from prescribed drugs may be considered as accidental.

Hopefully, you now understand the possibility of a kratom overdose being covered by life insurance. Actually, it depends on the intent of the insured regarding kratom use since it also has a healing effect if used wisely. Also, it gets even easier if he declared usage of the drug before getting covered.

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