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How to Find the Best Student Travel Insurance

Education plays a vital role in absorbing new knowledge which can be beneficial for the future. Student performance tours are undeniably challenging, especially on subjects you are not fond of – let alone studying abroad. As scary as it sounds, studying overseas is an irreplaceable experience which can lead to better opportunities in the future.

However, pursuing your education abroad can be life-changing since you have to drastically adjust to your new surroundings, immerse yourself with a different culture, stay strong and healthy, and be financially capable in covering your monthly expenses. It gives off a sense of independence since you have to learn how to budget, clean your dorm or apartment, and be responsible enough with your actions.

As humans, problems are inevitable, and it is nearly impossible for you not to undergo minor and major problems during your stay abroad. Getting a travel insurance is a wise choice given that life is filled with unpredictable circumstances like:

  • Accident and sickness
  • Flight cancellation
  • Missed flight
  • Lost baggage
  • Stolen valuables
  • Death of a family member

Problems like these can be remedied with the help of a travel insurance. Without insurance, you need to cover everything straight from your wallet – a move which is deemed as an additional expense and burden for you and your financer.

If you intend to get insurance for your own safety and convenience, there are several companies available for you. It is only a matter of getting what is truly best for your needs in general.

Here are some of the things you need to think through before getting your own travel insurance:

Your Domestic Insurance Covers Overseas Expenses

If you have an existing insurance in your homeland, you might want to look further on the policies and check whether they will still cover some of your expenses overseas or not. This gesture is really important for you to not spend additional charges which might reduce the allocated budget for your travel.

Enroll in School-sponsored Group Policies

As students with no source of income apart from their parents’ financial support, having insurance is the safest way to minimize additional expenses. Schools encourage their students to enroll in their group policy, although most of the time, it only covers health insurance.

However, see to it that your school policy is beneficial or not so you can avoid paying an additional fee in your pre-departure costs.

If you are under student travel tours, see to it that you have your insurance checked. If you don’t have any existing travel insurance, scan through your school’s group policy just to spare you from spending further than your allocated budget.

However, if neither of these options is available, you definitely have no choice but to secure insurance on your own.


To conclude, studying abroad has its perks and downsides such as accidents, lost or stolen items, illness, and death of your loved one. However, with the help of insurance, either of these unfortunate events can strip you off with a huge amount of cash.

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