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What You Need To Know About Moving Insurance

If you have a plan about moving house in the future, then you should know about the moving insurance options. Moving house is actually not only stressful and quite complex, but it can also be considered something risky especially if you are going to do it alone. However, if you hire movers Toronto to prepare things beforehand, there is a high chance that might be able to move your house safely and successfully.

What Exactly Is Moving Insurance?

If you have already looked for a moving company to assist you, then you might have already heard about the moving insurance. Whether you are moving just around the block or even across the country, of course, you want to be sure that your things are not only being taken care of, but you are also prepared a backup plan in case they have been damaged or lost. For this case, moving companies often offer moving insurance.

However, contrary to what it is called, moving insurance is not actually insurance. It is actually a ‘valuation’, which much likely functions like insurance. Moving companies guarantees compensation for your possessions in case they get damaged or lost. However, in reality, moving companies are not really certified to offer insurance. But for your peace of mind, valuation offered by moving companies still works just like insurance.

What Is Not Covered by The Moving Insurance/Valuation?

Though the said insurance works for the belongings being moved by the moving company, not all of the things put inside the back of the truck are covered by the moving insurance or valuation. For example, if anything happens to your possessions that are beyond the mover’s control, you will only have a lesser chance of getting proper compensation.  The following are examples of situations not covered by the insurance:

  1. Packing your own possessions into boxes instead of the movers. As per the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), if the possessions you packed yourself are damaged, you will have difficulty in establishing your claim against the moving company for those possessions.
  2. Damage to your possessions caused by a natural disaster like earthquake, tornado, hurricane, or any other natural calamities
  3. Failure to advise the movers in writing about the fragile items that need special handling
  4. Failure to report damage or loss of items exactly after the move. Normally, customers have about nine months to file a report about the case, but you still have to check the moving company for details in case they have a different case.
  5. Things which are perishable, hazardous or dangerous which are packed together with your belongings without the knowledge of the moving company are also not part of the insurance, according to FMCSA.

Final Tips to Protect Your Move

  • Take pictures of all of your belongings before moving house. In this way, you have solid evidence of the before-and-after conditions of your items when you file a claim.
  • Pack your things carefully. Use the right kind of boxes, protective materials and packing supplies in order to pack your belongings in the boxes securely.
  • When looking for a moving company, hire the one with the best reviews. This will indicate that the company are reliable enough to transport your materials so that you won’t stress yourself over the moving process.

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