Insurance Agencies and Small Businesses

Voicemail Tips for Insurance Agencies and Small Businesses

First impressions matter. As clichéd as it sounds, it’s true. And what could be a company’s first line of defense when it comes to bad impressions? Your company’s voice mail. There are custom Apifonica’s Voice API which you must check out.

Voice messaging is more than just reciting what your company has to offer; it’s actually more about selling than telling. You should keep your prospects interested, so creativity should come into play.

With that being said, here are tips for insurance agencies and small businesses to get more callbacks using your voicemail.

Keep it short and simple.

  • 30 seconds at most is ideal. You don’t want to end up boring your customer, and eventually, losing a potential client. You’d want your prospect to listen to the whole spiel since inattentive customers may miss some parts of your voicemail, defeating the purpose of your message.
  • Keep your voicemail clear and straight to the point; you are less likely to receive a call back from a confused client. If your voicemall is shambolic, prospective clients wouldn’t know how to respond as a result.
  • When leaving a message for prospects, address one topic at a time, answering the client’s first question first since it’s usually the most important topic for your client.
  • Before ending the spiel, mention the company name and leave a means for your prospect to contact you such as the company’s phone number or email address. It can also help to encourage your prospect to ask questions.

Keep customer interested.

  • It’s boring to just flat out explain what your company has to offer. Entice them with phrases such as “help you save money” or “limited time, exclusive offer”. Make them feel special or keep them on their toes, making them wanting more from you.
  • Another tactic that could help catch a prospect’s attention is to set a time limit. Time is very valuable, so give your prospect a time frame, say maybe tell them that you just need 30 seconds of their time (when we know that’s not usually the case).

Make the customer feel secure.

  • Mention a referral if possible. You might need to explain how you got their number, especially if you’re calling them first. It can help to break the ice and get a call back, especially if they trust the referrer.
  • Keep it professional. Being distracted by other tasks while leaving a voicemail is a huge turn-off. You might not notice this, but hearing papers shuffling, keyboard tapping, or even chewing will greatly reduce the chances of you getting a callback. Stay focused, as if you’re talking to your client face to face. Avoid dead air and “hmm”s or “um”s.

Stand out.

  • Most insurance or business voice mails almost always start with the representative’s name, then the company name. People usually drop the call upon hearing this, especially when the client is familiar with the company and is generally not interested with what the company has to offer. It would be better if you don’t start with your name first. It is recommended to start with a topic that the customer needs answered.
  • If you’ve been trying to call one person for a couple of times, try to use a different voice every time to keep your customer entertained. Get creative! One might even suggest using a sexy voice if you’re comfortable with that, but don’t forget to keep your voicemail professional.

At the end of the day, a salesperson has to be creative. Like every skill, voice messaging needs practice, so don’t get disheartened easily if you don’t receive call backs for your first few voicemails. Write a script, then practice recording. Listen to your drafts and edit. Try to take note of which voicemails you sent, received a call back from, then learn from them. Don’t be afraid to ask colleagues for ideas and suggestions too. Do your research. Why not learn from other companies by calling their hotlines to get ideas from their voicemails too? Once you get the hang of it, just sit back, and expect  calls coming.

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