Motorcycle Insurance

Do You Need Motorcycle Insurance?

Before you mount your brand-new motorcycle and drive it around the country for a joyride, you have to ask yourself whether you need motorcycle insurance. Well, If you believe on, the answer is that it’s highly recommended to have one. With that in mind, here is a guide in getting motorcycle insurance.

When You’ve Obtained Your Learner’s Permit

The state requirements and laws of both licensed motorcycle drivers and learner permit holders are pretty much the same in general. Some states require learner permit holders to acquire motorcycle insurance before getting a motorcycle driver’s full license. Therefore, it’s highly likely that you’ll need insurance while having your learner’s permit.

When Making Transactions With A Dealer To Buy And Finance A Motorcycle

Protecting the bank’s investment with insurance is a must when paying a motorcycle dealer with a loan you applied for from the bank. It’s common financial advice when it comes to buying a new motorcycle. If you want to do so, then there’s a huge risk on your part financially. The same rule also applies to car insurance.

When You’re About To Register Your Motorcycle

Before you can officially register your motorcycle, some states require you to provide a proof of insurance to maximize any possible compensations in case unfortunate events occur in relation with your motorcycle. We all know for a fact that we can never legally drive any vehicle if it’s not registered. So whether your state requires it or not, it’s absolutely best to acquire motorcycle insurance nonetheless.

When You Constantly Travel Through Different States That Require Motorcycle Insurance

There are actually just a few states that don’t require motorcycle insurance for motorcycle owners. If you happen to live in one of these states, then you’re safe to drive your motorcycle as long as you have a license. Some states only request financial responsibility and proof of insurance in case an accident occurred. But if you constantly travel around through numerous states that require insurance, then you could get yourself in trouble for driving around their jurisdiction without insurance.

When You’ve Bought A Slow Scooter Or Moped In A State That Requires Insurance

Slow scooters and mopeds typically do not require motorcycle insurance in most states, unlike their fast scooters and big motorcycle cousins that require one most of the time. However, in 2015, 24 states have already implemented a law that requires slow scooters and mopeds to be insured.

When Storing Your Motorcycle

Motorcycle insurance is an annual policy. Canceling it when your motorcycle is just in storage is proven to give you no benefits. Leaving it active can actually be very beneficial as it allows you to have continuous insurance history. Keeping your insurance active even if your motorcycle is just in the storage means that you’re completely covered in case of any future circumstances, both positive and negative.

To sum it all up, having motorcycle insurance does not hurt your finances even if your state does not require it. Just thoroughly consult an insurance agent to get the best coverage possible.

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