Insurance as a Graphic Designer

Everything You Need to Know About Insurance as a Graphic Designer

Starting a career as a professional graphics designer or starting your own graphics design business is a good thing. You can read this article if you are making yourself money from your passion for digital art, you may encounter one or several instances that could potentially endanger you, your credibility, and your business.

Some of these unforeseen circumstances involve lawsuits for unintentional copyright infringements, damage to clients or business property, and negligence to self and the legal jurisdictions that concern your graphics design business. Even a simple font misuse or use of non-commercial design template on your brochure design can bring you harm.

The best way to deal with all these circumstances is to take advantage of graphic designer insurance. There are lots of graphic designer insurance in the market that offer a lot of coverage and are usually matched to how you do your designs in the business. Here are some of them:

Commercial General Liability Insurance

This coverage is intended to help you cover any damages inflicted to someone who was harmed while you operate your business. Some of the cases included and covered in CGL includes the inadvertent use of copyrighted materials (like fonts, designs, and templates), false advertisement, libel, slander, damages to the properties of your client, and untoward accidents of a vendor, a client, or delivery personnel.

Most graphic designer insurance cover you for the medication of accident victims and payment or replacement of damaged properties. You will also get covered for legal fees should you get sued for such an incident.

Commercial Property Insurance

While most think of getting insurance to protect themselves from other outward causes, most have forgotten to have their own assets and properties insured. CP is one of the most common features in graphic designer insurance, and it covers all hardware and software assets you used to operate the business.

This is covered in cases of weather damage, fire, vandalism, or even theft. Business interruption and business income coverages are also included in most insurances that would cover your continuous expenses to operate the business while you recover from natural and mechanical calamities.

Business Owners Policy

This is the most advantageous insurance policy for those who are still starting to pave their way to the graphics design industry. This is a packaged insurance that covers all essential parts of the business operation and coverage to common but unforeseen incidents that could jeopardize the operation of your business.

Professional Liability Insurance

This is intended for a freelancer graphics designer or for a one-man graphics design startup. The main coverage of this insurance is protection from any liability and assistance to any court proceedings should the graphics designer incur damages, errors, and intellectual property infringements that could stop the operation of his business or send him to court.

This is the most common insurance policy for any graphic designer and is more for personal protection rather than the protection of business operation, albeit correlatively useful to protect the business asset as well.


While most have been looking towards making successes in their graphics design ventures, it is also appropriate to look toward the future and become cautious with it through applying for insurances.

Your insurance agent can talk to you more about this, so you better approach them before you start making success in the graphics design industry. If you have no idea where to start, you can check online insurance quotes to guide you in choosing the best graphic designer insurance for you and your business.

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