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Coming Up with Business Name Ideas for Insurance Companies

Every company has a story to tell and a name to remember like everyone have in this name list, which the latter thoroughly requires a unique one to stand out against its competitors and for people to immediately remember once they hear the name in public.

Naming a business can be exciting, yet tedious at the same time since finding the perfect one should be catchy, but not overly done to the extent people will find it hard to recall or that, they’ll brand it as unprofessional. Also, it shouldn’t be a repetition of your competitor’s company name.

Hence, coming up with the most ideal name for your insurance company is an important step towards the success of the business. The name carries the pride of the company; therefore, it should be exceptional yet relatable to the type of insurance you’re offering.

Here are some ways on how to formulate the impeccable name for your insurance company:

1. Specify the insurance business you’re offering

To begin considering names for insurance companies, you should know the specific area it offers its policies to. This step is especially important for the public to easily garner idea what your insurance company covers.

There are various insurances offered to specific targets, which makes the entire business complex. If you’re willing to open your own insurance business, you should give specification on the name per se to attract people based on their needed insurance.

2. Make the name simple

There’s actually no need for you to go extreme measures just to find extravagant names for your insurance company. Opting for a simple name will have greater chances of easily catching people’s attention and retaining it in their memory.

Uniqueness doesn’t correlate with complex names. It’s always about coming up with a name that sounds quite different from the usual companies that share the same policies like you.

3. Make sure it’s long-lasting

Businesses don’t settle in a single location, marketing the same crowd for years. Overtime, businessmen expand their business for better opportunities and broader marketing strategies. The same practice goes for insurance companies as well.

If your insurance company receives excellent reviews, this will drive you to expand your business and cater more crowd than the usual. That’s why it’s important to choose a name that’s long-lasting, so people will continuously patronize your business – or better yet, encourage their family, friends, and colleagues to apply for your insurance company.

4. It should be meaningful

Choosing a name doesn’t only end up with the name, but it should be picked up with meaning. Settling for a name without explanation will only confuse people why you decided to pick that name. As a result, they’ll neglect your business since they don’t understand what it’s all about at all.

Making a meaningful name will help instill in people’s mind what your business is about and this will also inspire you, graphic artist, to come up with a wonderfully made logo and lettering for better marketing strategy.


Naming a business is a significant gesture towards the success of your business. Choosing a name doesn’t only limit to words, but it should be thoroughly brainstormed, such as giving specification on what it’s all about, settle for simplicity, ensure that it’s long-lasting, and must be meaningful.

Failing to make your insurance business name catchy will only receive negative feedback from people. Hence, the aforesaid steps must be considered in coming up with a name.

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