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Insurance Providers’ Leading Problems in Customer Service

With assistance from a veteran agent, over the years, acquiring insurance has been easy like shelling peas. However, with the surge of millennial clients and their purchasing power, the traditional procedures for QA analyst, insurance sales and services are changing. The consumers’ preference to make transactions digitally is pushing the insurers to automate intricate underwriting procedures to hasten the businesses’ progression from days to minutes. Also, the capability to handle claims and communicate with insurance companies via digital channels is not a good feature anymore, rather, it is more likely only because of the need to keep the clients. Moreover, the need for a completely-automated claim application has already been communicated by customers of associated devices. InsurTech companies have developed to fulfill the demand for modified products that can be procured and controlled through a phone application. Numerous outdated insurers are making investments in InsurTech, so they can provide innovative services to their clients while reducing the cost of progressing these advancements. Insurance providers are also collaborating with InsurTech to try out the blockchain technology that is projected to have positive effects in insurance industry procedures such as eradicating redundancy, streamlining paperwork, lessening fraud, and enhancing productivity in the claims procedure.

Top Challenges

The insurance business encounters various problems in obtaining and keeping the increasing number of millennial customers whose purchases and service desires have been molded by digitally capable insurance companies. Vital consumer service difficulties include:

  • A continuous client outing through different points of contact such as in call center, mobile, web, and social media.
  • Providing an excellent customer service experience while limiting the expenses by not meeting the consumers’ expectations resulting in a higher rate of attrition.
  • Giving access to information anytime and anywhere the clients want to, through a digital platform.
  • Improving up-selling and cross-selling openings with integrated analytics and systems that will deliver precise customer information to call center agents.
  • Gathering and evaluating response to make sure that the consumer perceptions are given to the marketing and sales department and research and development, for constant enhancement of insurance products.

Easier Call Center Outsourcing

CustomerServ delivers a comprehensive experience in call centers, in lieu of the insurance companies resolving those concerns listed above. The company is very knowledgeable about the policyholder terms and has created outsourcing solutions via email, live chat, social media, and outbound and inbound insurance sales. They also offer back-office processing for first-time policyholder procurement and giving assistance to the management, policyholder, and claims preservation.

Types of insurance policies that CustomerServ caters:

  • Accidental Death & Dismemberment
  • Disability
  • Electronic Insurance
  • Final Expenses
  • Home Warranty
  • Homeowners & Renters
  • Guaranteed Issue
  • Health Insurance
  • Personal Auto
  • Term Life & Whole Life

Services that CustomerServ’s experts provide:

  • First Notice of Loss (FNOL) 24/7/365
  • Cancellation & Saves
  • Customer Service
  • Claims Management
  • Dedicated and Shared Agents
  • Live Chat, SMS, Email, Mobile App Support
  • Multi-lingual
  • FEMA Claims Administration
  • Near-shore and Off-shore Call Center Services
  • New Policyholder Sales and Enrollments
  • On-shore US-based Call Center Services
  • Policyholder retention
  • Policy Renewal


While these are the leading issues encountered by insurance companies in customer service, they are doing their best in resolving these matters by establishing outstanding and effective programs and technologies.

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