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The importance of events insurance

Accidents or other unexpected occurrences may happen in any event. This is why every event by events company Manchester needs to have an insurance cover so that you don’t have to worry about unplanned bills, which can cost you an extra coin.

This piece teaches you why insurance cover is essential for people organizing events and how you can get the most out of your policy.

Types of insurance that event planners need

Every event that has people attending is exposed to a certain risk; thus, it should be insured. The common types of insurance cover include employer’s liability and public liability. Public liability covers you in case someone gets hurt when attending your event. In this case, the organizers of the event are always required to submit a public liability insurance certificate to the owners of the place where the event is being held.

On the other hand, the employer’s liability normally covers employees or volunteers. Moreover, most companies are required by law to have this kind of insurance.

Event organizers also need event cancellation insurance, which will protect their budget and expenses just in case the event is canceled or when other people book the hall and the ground. An event may also be canceled because of poor weather. The insurance puts back the event organizing company back to its financial position before the unexpected happened.

Event organizers also need property insurance; this is meant to cover all the properties being used in the event.

However, there are other unusual types of cover. Companies organizing events in war-torn areas or other critical areas may need a ransom or a kidnap policy. They also need a policy that will cover their website’s pages from cyber risks.

The cost of event insurance

The cost of an insurance cover for an event is dependent on factors such as the longevity of the event, the place the event will be held, the activities carried out, and the people attending the event. These factors determine the level of risk the event is exposed to. However, insurers come with different insurance packages.

The type of protection you get from cancellation and liability insurance

Most of the time, event organizers talk of events cancellations or people failing to turn up for a specific event. There are few events where a murder or loss of equipment has occurred. Most organizers are at a risk of facing either of these issues. On the liability side, there are a few occasions where people get hurt while attending events. The property also gets damaged by weather or people.

Insurance providers usually review various claims experience to check any gap in their policies so that they can meet the needs of their customers effectively. Each insurance policy has conditions attached; thus, event organizing companies should read the summary at the cover page.


In conclusion, if you are an event organizer to ensure that an insurance policy covers your event. There will always be an unplanned event that will happen. Insurance policies are still better options in unforeseen circumstances.  Public and employee liability insurance are the least to consider for any event.

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