Insurance Agency Using Instagram

How to Market Your Insurance Agency Using Instagram

Facebook purchased Instagram for a staggering amount of money. The historic $1 billion purchase made the headlines in major global media outlets like Facebook aimed at focusing on the visual content media platform for its consumers.

Today, Instagram has grown its popularity majorly due to its exclusive focus on short videos and images. In the latest survey in 2018, it was established that Instagram recorded over 800 million users in a month which is double the number of Twitter users.

Instagram is quite different from other social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. It allows the user to share their daily life experiences through images and videos. It has a special filtering feature that allows the user to edit images in-app. Moreover, Instagram allows the user to share their stories with stickers and face filters. Recently, they added live streaming features which added more fun.

How Instagram Works for the Insurance Market

With the high number of potential customers, Instagram is a potential marketing platform for insurance agencies. This is a golden opportunity for any insurance firm because they allow users to manage more than one account.

Since it requires more images and fewer words, it makes it difficult for an agency to understand how to use it to grow its business.

If you own an insurance agency, you are lucky because you can use the following tips to market your insurance firm using Instagram:

Create a Creative Profile

As much as your profile is only a small portion of an Instagram page, you should make the most out of it. You need to set up a business profile because it has more features than a personal profile.

It should include a profile picture, your agency’s handle (username), bio, and your business website. Due to the limited space, the information on your profile should be accurate and specific to the insurance agency.

The content on your profile should also be updated regularly to keep it relevant to your target consumers.

Be Interesting

To attract more followers and retain existing ones, you should post interesting videos and images which have appealing visual content.

The images and videos posted should evoke emotions on your followers. With this, you will be able to interact with your followers and humanize your insurance firm. You need to reveal your personality to your followers by posting humorous and interesting items.

Use Simple Hashtags

Hashtags enable users to group posts to take advantage of the trending topics on social media. Using popular hashtags will help you when searching for updates on a particular subject which will help you generate more followers and likes.

Share on Other Social Media Platforms

You can post on both Twitter and Facebook profiles if you have linked them to your Instagram profile. By sharing on other social media platforms, you will extend your audience coverage.

Since Instagram focuses on visual content, the images and videos will do all of the talking when accompanied by hashtags and captions.

Final Thoughts

Instagram is a modern powerhouse that can help you grow your agency if you capitalize on it. It will offer an excellent marketing platform for your agency if you follow the above tips.

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