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5 Useful Ideas for Your Insurance Company’s Next Instagram Post

Instagram is another popular social media platform that is widely used in the US. It has a lot of free followers on Instagram which can be really advantageous if you want to promote your insurance agency. However, there are several things that you should know first before you start promoting your company on Instagram.

When you post something on Instagram, you have the option to share the same post on your Facebook Business Page and Twitter Business accounts. In other words, you can post up to three social platform accounts in one go.

If you are struggling to figure out what contents you should post, here are some useful ideas that you can follow:

Welcome Post

If your account is just newly registered, you might already be thinking about what the first post would be. Since it is the primary post, it is best to post a Welcome Post. You may upload the logo of your company designed with a text that says, “We’re finally on Instagram!”. A hashtag is a thing in the platform, so you might as well as put a hashtag that says #firstupload.

Company Staff Introduction

With the use of hashtags, you will be able to classify your posts in different categories. You may try to use #MondayFeature in order to introduce your staff to the company’s followers. You may also feature a member of your insurance company every Wednesday, post his/her picture, and include a caption that enables you to connect with your followers.

Official and Unofficial Holidays

There are holidays in just about every other day. You can use that as an opportunity to post a themed photo that is associated with the day’s holiday, like the International Lefthanders Day or National Teachers Day. You may search for a list of official and unofficial holidays on the internet.


There are a lot of internet users out there who don’t have any idea about your company. The majority of them don’t even have the slightest clue about insurance. For that, you may upload a well-informing trivia about your company and facts about insurance. It should be captivating and informational. This may also help you catch more attention to your company and gain potential customers.


If there is an event in your community, chances are fundraising could be taking place. If your insurance company donates, become a sponsor, and attends the known local events, you should also post those events on your account. It is also a useful strategy to upload photos outside of the company sometimes.

Optional: Office Schedule Changes

You may also inform your customers if you’ll have adjusted office hours for an upcoming holiday. Will your office remain open on the day before Christmas? Or is it only going to be half-day? You may post a photo that lets your customers know that your company will be closed for a certain day. Doing so will let you meet their convenience and let them know that you care for them so that they would not waste their time going to your agency.


Always remember that you won’t get a lot of followers overnight. Just be consistent in posting, and soon enough, your company will be recognized even before you know it.

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