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Must-Post Instagram Contents for your Insurance Agency

Do you ever wonder how our lives would have been without social media platforms? Once asked that Can you imagine yourself not having a Facebook account? Could you see a life where posting aesthetic contents and pictures on Instagram is impossible?

It is definitely hard to say yes to these questions. Seeing how much social media influenced every single one of us, these platforms had slowly turned into a necessity in our modern lives. The virtual world we created became a channel of communication, friendship, and expression. It’s even utilized as an effective business continuity tool these days.

That being said, if you are currently in an insurance agency field and you haven’t used Instagram as a marketing strategy, you sure are wasting a huge opportunity. You must know that IG is the second most popular social media platform. The majority of the population all over the world are signed up to it. You are given a free chance to reach these individuals out through one single status, use that opportunity to your advantage.

However, posting anything random about your insurance agency will not get you anywhere. It is a necessity to maintain your Instagram profile as marketable as possible. It should grab attention and be undeniably interesting. That way, more and more IG users will view your content and even follow your account. Now, the million-dollar question here is: how do you make your insurance agency’s Instagram posts impactful?

Here are the contents you must have on your profile that will help you gain both credibility and popularity:


Making a good impression does not only apply in real life, but this is also applicable in the IG world. Make your very first post memorable for your viewers and followers to stick around. One way to effectively do that is by introducing the whole team on your profile. You could attach up to 10 pictures in one posting so you guys are free to do lots of poses and add relevant photos. Do not forget to add some catchy caption like: “You can now reach us out here on Instagram!”


Make your followers feel that you are thinking about them. Create posts that are relevant to holidays and occasions. Add themes on the photos and videos you are adding to your feed. Including a heartfelt message is also a plus.


Let your followers know what you are up to. Have you been sponsoring fundraisers? Did your team arrange outreach programs to help the community? Were you able to provide exclusive tokens to your most loyal clients? Those little things that will boost your agency’s image must be shared online.


Don’t bore your audiences. It doesn’t mean you need something outrageous to keep your IG profile alive. However, just don’t post the same things over and over again or you’d lose followers. Let other people know you and your agency in the most exciting way possible. You can do fun facts, guessing games, give away promos, and more.


Lastly, draw the IG population close to your posts and profile. You can do this by adding related hashtags to categorize all of your posts. Here are some examples of hashtag you can use: #BeOneOfUs #BeAPartOfOurGrowingFamily #DidYouKnow.

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