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Five Facebook Marketing Tips to use for your Insurance Agency

Facebook is, no doubt, a platform where you can buy facebook likes for your insurance agency. Many people are on Facebook and spend significant time on this social platform. It is thought that a person spends approximately 50 minutes on Facebook every day, which might go up in the coming years.

Although most of the Facebook users are relatively young adults aged 20-29 years, older people are also regular Facebook users. This is one of the reasons why it can be a useful tool for marketing insurance agencies.

On that note, if you plan on using Facebook for marketing your insurance agency, here are 5 tips for you:

Create your Business Page

The first step for effective use of Facebook in marketing is creating a business page. You will need to create a page even if you are promoting yourself. To do this, go to the right-hand corner of your Facebook page and press “create page” and then scroll down to access the options. A business page is important because it will assist you to connect with people on a professional level.

Always Post Relevant Information Related to the Business

Although the main purpose is to market your business, take time to educate your clients and prospects. You can educate them on the importance of having insurance cover and safety tips. Make sure you use credible information from credible sources.

This approach will increase your credibility to the prospects and also reduces buyer regret and increases their satisfaction. For example, a client who bought an insurance cover from your business will be more satisfied after reading an article emphasizing the importance of insurance.

Make Good Use of Facebook Ads

Facebook ads help you to promote your business to a particular audience. You can limit your target to a group with particular characteristics. Your target audience can be a specific age group, people speaking a specific language, or people with a particular behavior.

You can also limit your target to email addresses or people in your cell phone contact list. Most importantly, Facebook ads are much cheaper than other options like Google Adwords.

Select Appropriate and Maintain a Consistent Profile Picture

Although the profile picture can be changed at any time, depending on personal taste, it is good to maintain a consistent profile picture for your page. You can use your company log and try to maintain consistency.

Although you might think of using a different picture of the same logo, this might make a difference in the customers’ eyes. A consistent profile will ensure easy identification of your company by the clients. If you keep changing your profile picture, your customers might fail to recognize you or your company. The recommended dimensions are 180px by 180px.

Make Good Use of the “Products” Section

The product sections give a platform to present your product’s specialization. This gives your prospects an idea of whether you are the kind of company they are searching for. You add “products” by clicking the “+Add shop section” on your page.

Bottom Line

The above tips are some of what you can use to promote your business. The tips may work differently for different companies. It is good to try to see what works best for your company.

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