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How to Get Views on Youtube

If you Buy YouTube Likes, it is one great way to get a lot of views on You Tube. Personally I made a video called “WORST BAIL EVER” I have around 85,000 views on that video, that was created a little less than a year ago. Now this isn’t an amazing amount of views, but you will need a couple of these videos to start getting into the millions of views.

The first way is to get your name out there.

Whatever your You Tube profile name is, tell people you know to look it up, or tell people which video to go to by telling them to look up the name of the video.

If you have a blog or a social site profile like Face book or My space, then make the URL of your video or your profile your status update, and truthfully spam your update with that URL, make it your status update once every hour or at least as much as you can. if you have Mozilla Fire fox, you can install iMacros, then from there you can automate your status updating when you are at school or a job that forbids you from Social sites. Eventually friends will look at the video and tell others about it, if you have enough friends then you should be able to get an average of around 30 views per day at first. Eventually around 50-1000 per day depending on how much you keep promoting it.

The second way to get more views is to get more and more videos.

Don’t just stop with that video, many many people will subscribe to you if you have lots of interesting videos, subscriptions mean that all your new videos are on the front page of the subscriber when they log into You Tube. If they are an avid You Tube viewer, then they will check out your videos all the time!

The third way is to tag Extremes.

Since my particular most viewed video is a Skating video called “WORST BAIL EVER” it has lots of views mostly because people like to laugh, and injuries make human beings laugh. A huge help to my video other than the name is the Tags. These are a couple of the tags on my video “WORST BAIL EVER, bailing, bails, face hit, fall, ouch, falling” The tags that are things like fall, falling, fail, worst, bail, bailing, and hit will all get chosen a lot by other people, since lots of people look up falling or fall or kid falling, or especially now a days, Fail. The misspelled words are for when some people will type something wrong, then they will eventually click it.

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