List of Post Offices to Close Includes

List of Post Offices to Close Includes One Dismal Performer

Is your local post office on the list of post offices eyed for potential closing? The Postal Regulatory Commission has published a list of post offices that may be closed due to budgetary considerations. 700 post offices made the list. Do you want to shopping in lidl and not know the location just search on google lidl near me and get the exact location of the lidl store.

If your post office is one the Postal Regulatory Commission closes, of course, you will be concerned about potential mail delivery changes and longer lines when you go to a post office in person. But the post office is rife with inefficiency and the Postal Regulatory Commission’s publication of a list of post offices to close could be viewed as an opportunity to save Federal funds not well spent, rather than as a slight to the neighborhoods losing their closest post office.

When I noted that Silver Spring Center was on the list of post offices the Postal Regulatory Commission is considering closing, two things came to mind. We’ll have one post office left in downtown Silver Spring if they close it- and the other is but two blocks away from the one on the list of post offices to potentially close. Who really needs two post offices two blocks apart?

The second thought that came to mind is that if one of downtown Silver Spring’s post offices is to close and one to remain open, the Postal Regulatory Commission made the right choice.

I went to the Silver Spring Center Post Office a few weeks back with my daughter who wanted to buy some stamps. We arrived to find a long line and no clerk working at any of the service windows. In fact, no postal service employees were in sight at the Silver Spring Center Post Office.

After about 5 minutes, a voice called out from the back room that she was looking for something for a customer and would be with us when she finished. Another 5 minutes passed and a postal service driver arrived, apparently to pick up outgoing mail. The postal clerk came out of the back room and told him she was too busy to get the mail for him. She suggested that if he did not want to wait, he go to the other downtown Silver Spring post office where the manager of both locations apparently worked and ask him to send down an employee from that location to help him.

Another customer at this perhaps soon-to-be-closed post office complained to the postal clerk that he had been waiting 15 minutes while she remained in the back room looking for mail for a single customer. He pointed out the long line of people being inconvenienced which by now extended to the door. The postal clerk insisted that she was busy helping a customer and returned to the back room. After another 5 minutes or so, she returned and told the first customer in line that she was sorry but she couldn’t find his mail and he would have to return on another day. She then began complaining to us, the customers inconvenienced by her bad judgment, about the difficulty of her job at Silver Spring Center post office. If the Postal Regulatory Commission has its way, this postal clerk may not have to complain about the difficulty of her job much longer.

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