Coulson Pritchard Business Insurance is aimed at offering protection when you need it.

  1. We care about our clients, and we find the best level of cover that they need– not covering the unnecessary to avoid inflating the cost of the premiums.
  2. Our highly rated, trained and efficient team that will ensure that the process is painless and stress-free.
  3. Here at Coulson Pritchard Business Insurance, we do all the paperwork right from the initial policy to any other claims you may make in the future.
  4. Our claims processing is fast and easy. As an entrepreneur, you aim to ensure that the business is growing successfully.
  5. Coulson Pritchard Business Insurance protects your business so that you can have peace of mind and focus on the more important areas of your business.
  6. We respect your time; thus, we aim to make our processes as efficient as possible. With us, be assured that your personal assets are in safe hands.

About The Group

Coulson Pritchard Business Insurance is an authorized business insurance company.

Over the years, we have collaborated with some highly prestigious and respectable programs, for example, Zurich and QBE.

We have a portfolio of about $10,000,000 of managed insurance premiums. We have several branches and representatives found all across the country where you can reach out to us.

Coulson Pritchard Business Insurance is also a member of the Steadfast group. This is the largest insurance broker network in the country. It also provides support services to our organization.

Every day several people are losing their personal assets, facing huge business losses, and losing a lot of money because they do not have insurance protection. Do not wait until you lose money before you get insurance. Avoid risking your future.

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