If your business uses computers, then your business is at risk of a cyber attack. A cyber attack could be from cyber criminals, hackers, or people you may know such as upset employees. Your client’s data and employee data should be safe.

Even with the best technology, security systems can still be breached. The damages caused by a cyber attack could be worth millions, or they could destroy your reputation.

Not all cyber liability insurance policies cover the same things. Make sure you have an appropriate level of cover.

Here at Coulson Pritchard Business Insurance, we aim to know more about your company and understand your unique situation in order to find the appropriate level of coverage.

What Does Cyber Liability Insurance Cover?

Cyber liability insurance will cover:

  • Loss or damage to digital data
  • Loss of income or other expenses like fines, penalties, sums payable, and defence costs
  • Cyber extortion losses
  • Notification costs
  • Damage to your reputation
  • Cyber event response cost
  • Business interruption; for example, if an external supplier or client suffers through a cyber attack

Cyber attacks occur without any warning. Even with all security measures in place, your digital data can still be accessed. With the development of technology, cyber attacks are becoming more prevalent today than ever.

Insure your business and yourself from any losses that may occur. Cyber liability insurance can save your business from any impending financial disaster.

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