Public liability protects your business in the event that a 3rd party gets injured. If the cause of the injury is your business, the insurance policy will pay out. You will not incur any losses in paying for any medical expenses or compensation fee.

How Is Public Liability Insurance Cover Determined?

Public liability insurance cover is calculated based on the turnover rate of your business and the nature of the business. It is important to have a professional quote to determine the level of cover that you will need. This is to ensure that you do not end up overpaying the insurance company.

Public Liability Insurance at Coulson Pritchard Business Insurance

Coulson Pritchard Business Insurance has public liability insurance that covers two major things:

  • Property damage- This is when a third party causes accidental damage to the property; for example, a tradesman triggering the sprinkle system resulting in damage.
  • Personal injury- This is when a third party is accidentally injured by the business; for example, a pedestrian being struck by materials being transported by the company.

There are different risk factors associated with different occupations. It is therefore important to assess and find the ideal level of coverage, so your business can keep unwanted troubles at bay.

If you would like to find out more about the levels of coverage or request a free quote, simply fill out the quote form at any of our branches or call our team at 1300 741 731.