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We have an extensive list of services with various policies.  In our business insurance section, we can help you navigate through professional indemnity, construction, and so much more. We will help you to tailor your policy so that it can suit your business.

We also have a personal insurance section. This will cover a wide range of policies from house insurance to vehicle insurance to life insurance.

Below is a breakdown of some of the insurance policies available at Coulson Pritchard Business Insurance.

Public Liability

This insurance coverage will protect your business form any incidents or accidents that may occur to third parties when dealing with your company.

Professional Indemnity

This insurance coverage will offer solid protection to your business in the event that your client claimed you have made mistakes with your professional advice or services ending up making a financial loss.

Construction Insurance

This insurance package is tailored to the construction company linked to your business. It will cover any risks that the construction personnel may come across while on the job.

Home and Contents Insurance

This personal insurance covers your most precious assets. In the event of a fire, burglary, or any other misfortune, you can rely on this policy.

Landlords Insurance

This protects your major investments from damages or loss and allows you to continue making profits from your rental properties.

Vehicle Insurance

This is an all-around, comprehensive insurance on your car. It covers you in cases of accidents, explosions, and natural calamities like floods and hailstorms.

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Insurance that Charities Need

Types of Insurance that Charities Need

Charities play an important role in society. Charities go beyond just earning profits. They tend to those who are marginalized in the community, take care of them, give them homage, and even to the extent of being the safe haven for those who are troubled.
However, charities are not at all safe from boulders that would make their cause succeed. Indeed, there can be a lot of challenges that may come in the way of helping others. These can be in a form of fortuitous events; those that are beyond the acts of man, such as natural phenomena, and those that are within the acts of man, such as war.
Hence, charities …

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Essential Insurance Policies

Essential Insurance Policies for Bitcoin Mining Companies

Any kind of business, including a bitcoin mining company like bitpm.ro, will benefit from an insurance policy since it is designed to protect the owner’s financial assets. The right business insurance will provide the right coverage for your bitcoin mining company and related tasks, such as Withdrawing / Spending Bitcoin.
All About Commercial General Liability (CGL) Policy
Risks are part of any business. For this reason, it is essential for business owners to invest in the most common and comprehensive insurance policy available, which is CGL.
CGL’s coverage includes the following:

Advertising and …

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Insurance Marketing

The Best 11 Tips For Insurance Marketing In 2020

Insurance marketing involves getting clients who become policyholders. Internet marketing blog helps you to come up with excellent marketing ideas. To beat your competitors, you require very effective and sustainable strategies. Sustainability will ensure that you maintain your clients. The following tips will ensure successful insurance marketing.
Doctoring up your website
Policyholders will interact with your website from the first instance, therefore, it is important they get impressed. Good credibility will eventually land you to a good business so ensure the website has the following;
Contact information
A chat feature for …

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Why Are We the Best Insurance Provider?

Coulson Pritchard Business Insurance is an insurance coverage that provides affordable premiums. We are known for our highly trained and dedicated staff that will help you select the right cover for you and remove unnecessary policies that will inflate your premiums.

It has taken several years of hard work and diligence to be the best. Together with our team, we have managed to soar above the competition. Our team focuses on three major areas:

1. Getting to know you better to protect you better
2. A fast and easy claims process
3. In-depth product knowledge

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